Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When You Least Expect It

James seems to be settling back down and into a better pattern of behaviour at school. Thank goodness. I am trying more to balance fun times on the iPad with some school work and social time.

Tonight, James popped out two new things on me:

(One) He had a normal give-and-take conversation with his sister about their days at school, and then asked me how my day was and interacted accordingly. This happened on our way back from an unplanned, post-dinner trip to the post office to pick up some mailing boxes. It was hard to not scream with delight as I drove home, listening to this unfold in astounding simplicity. I think my jaw was on the floor for two blocks. Normally James scripts, or must be prompted to have a conversation. This was stunningly different, yet very relaxed.

(Two) He made up a story all on his own and enjoyed telling it out loud in one continuous story line. OMG & try to not scream with excitement again.
Back story: I bribed big sis to put him to bed. She got to stay up a little longer and have chocolate ice cream if she read him a story and talked with him for a bit. He LOVES this, BTW. She made up a very short TeleTubbies story for him. He then made up one for her about Princess Fiona opening her door and being very surprised to find Barney there. She wasn't happy about that (who would be?) and slammed the door on him. Then suddenly she was on a plane, which was traveling upside-down. Not sure how that happened, but she had many exciting adventures in TeleTubby Land after she landed.

I am not sure why big things like these seem so random and unexpected with James. I suppose it could be because he's always been so independent at selecting his moments to display his developments, and doing it so casually. I find myself having to pinch myself to believe that James is actually doing the new activity (and it's not one of my dreams) or catching myself up suddenly and realizing that this is a first, and not the status quo.

It's like a big gloop of ketchup that you get after shaking the bottle for a while. Like hearing your name called at a raffle drawing you entered during a big fundraiser. Like a warm smile from a stranger for no reason at all. When I least expected it, James totally made my day.
Biiiiiiig Huuuuuuug!

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