Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Gave both kids baths yesterday after dinner, then took them to see the Super Moon rise:
The super moon, rising over the vineyards.
Courtesy of my little Cannon point-and-shoot & our van's side-view mirror.

James' big sister is finally feeling better. James has fun at his afternoon ballgame. With full tummies and fresh from the tub, they relaxed and enjoyed the unexpected trip out at night. My bonus was being able to sleep in until 7:30 this morning, and hour or 2 later than usual.

I was able to spend some time out in the back yard, working on the garden and smelling all the roses and jasmine. The rose trees, in particular, were spectacular:

James and I were up for an adventure, so we hit the Farmers' Market. James is all about the bread, music, and water fountain. We even ran into classmates on our way back to the car:
They were playing some great Beatles tunes.

Sunday breakfast at the market: sour dough ficelle, Peet's coffee in a cup from home, and a fresh peach!

Just what we needed to reset from last week and get ready for the coming one.

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