Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pulled Apart

Autism has long been linked to puzzle pieces. What causes it is one of it's biggest puzzles.

However, lately I've been feeling that puzzle paradigm in a new way:
Jame's lovely Mothers' Day portrait, going to pieces.

This is me, being pulled apart by in pieces:
  • end-of school parties
  • input meetings for teachers next year (because it's been me trying to get this done and things not working out for almost a month now)
  • follow-up to get organized for summer school (because that's all on me)
  • prepping for a trip that's perfect timing for the one person who's not traveling
  • all the cleaning and organizing for the trip, plus --
  •  -- catching up from when my daughter was sick for a week (still)
  • dealing with the cherry tree bounty & messes
  • end-of-year cards for teachers& support staff for James (5 of them)
  • trying to work with a new respite aide because --
  • -- our wonderful aide of 3+ years is moving
  • prepping kids for a new aide
  • dealing with a respite care agency that's been turned on it's head and has gone from not calling me to wanting a piece of my time once or twice weekly to do things that never got done or are new state requirements; shot me
  • absentee voting for while I am out of the area on our trip
  • trying to get haircuts for us all (that also got knocked out by daughter's illness)
  • grocery shopping
  • yard work
  • doing everything a week ahead of time so bills and weekly chores don't get skipped while we are out of town
  • trying to finalize trip itinerary
  • still trying to get payment on  invoices for work done and billed last year
  • and: dealing with the fact that I now have an all-electric car and no charging stations in our town; this one's a long story, and responsible for large parts of my right hand falling prey to excema.
And I know I am forgetting stuff.


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