Thursday, May 10, 2012

Checklist Charting

James has been all over the map this week at school. Monday he was off to a good start. Tuesday his check list came back almost all sad faces. Wednesday, I was informed that his behaviour was so disruptive that he was sent to "visit" with the principal while his aide was on break. Wednesday his aide was out unexpectedly and he had a great day. Thursday, back to some issues with his regular aide.

Most of them are attention-seeking, I think, and aimed at his teacher, when his aide is not with him. Paperclips in his mouth, edging away out of bounds on the playground during recess, loud verbal stimming during a work center, reacting badly when his time at his classroom's computer ended ...

The checklists do help us all, because it catalogs his challenging moments and tracks how he did during the day. It enables his teacher, aide, and I to catalog his day. Most importantly, it allows me to sit down with James and go over his day.

The morning I sat him down on the sofa with me to review how his day should go, moving our fingers down the checklist and discussing what should happen at each one, was the day of his best behaviour. I am trying that again tomorrow too.

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