Sunday, May 27, 2012

SOOC: Future Farmers of America

A local tradition starts off another summer! The Future Farmers of America Country Fair  kicked off this weekend with their twighlight parade through Healdsburg. James' big sister and I have traveled the parade route on floats twice and I have to tell you, it's a hoot. A real small-town, warm-hearted event that leaves you smiling the rest of the day.

Attending the fair and auction, however, took a while to build up to. Both James and his sister were very anxious and meltdown-prone if they were around outdoor heat, smelly smells, large animals, FLIES, and excessive noise. Yeah, try having a county fair without any of those. And it wasn't as if they hadn't been to Ag Day or our big County Fair ... yeesh! It wasn't until last year that I could get them out there. I promised James we could visit his aide from Kindergarten (whose son was in FFA), and I think that's what finally got his reluctant buy-in.

This year? One of those times I dreamed about for years (with pity party tears on my cheeks). No fuss. Both kids leaping and running to go to the fair, running around to look at all the animals, and enjoying a Saturday morning outdoors. James actually coming to get me, grabbing my hand and calling "Come on, Mommy! Can we go see the circus? I wanna see circus!"

Because they have one, and it's awesome. Hats off to Zippo and Hi-Top; these guys made something great for kids and families when they came up with the Swan Brothers Circus.

Enough with the words! Here are some images from this year's FFA, SOOC:
Decorations for this year's theme "Cowboy Boots & Country Roots!" hung over the pig pens.

Bunnies, in groups of three.


County Fair offices, just off the Livestock Auction area.

Off to see the circus!

Now James wants popcorn. Sassy kid! We got some on our way out.

I saw a lot of kids dancing with funny hats. Made me smile to see them so happy.

Finalist: Most precious smile ever!

With the help of Zippo and my camera's Magic Eye lens, this brave volunteer became a clown!
He had some killer dimples, too.
Trying something new this week by linking up with Murrieta 365 for some SOOC show and share. I am bending the rules a bit with my words and multiple images, but otherwise it's all SOOC.

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bettyl said...

Great shots and I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the day!