Monday, May 21, 2012

Golden Hour

James has less than two weeks left of First Grade. His sister's last day of Third Grade is this Friday. I am sad to see another school year / grade level / established set of routines come to an end ...

... but there is also freedom from homework. Oh. Yeah.

After cooling down in the house with ice water, yogurt squeeze-ups, and a movie, I moved us all to our back yard. Oh the moaning and "I don't wanna"s -- they lasted all of five minutes. There was so much to explore and distract. James mixed up colours from the basic red, yellow, and blue acrylics. His sister painted rather dainty masterpieces. I actually did a little lavender sketch in paints.

The golden afternoon sun filtered through the leaves of the cherry tree that is squarely in the middle of the yard. Some of the cherries are actually turning red. Yes! Soon we shall have cherries in the morning, fresh off the tree ... but I digress.

James gave the swing set a workout. His sister started raking leaves and watering, in between petting the cat. I actually got quite a bit of gardening done. Man, we have like a zillion little root saplings sprouting up in what used to be the lawn! The blackberries are already plotting to take over the back fence perimeter, and the rose trees need a whole lotta dead-heading. It's nice to be needed.

I enjoyed that time outside together. It was very satisfying.

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