Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Patriotic Day (So Shoot Me)

It's Patriotic Day at James' school this morning. And I saluted it with a 4am rising. Gah.

My fault, I've known it was coming for 2 weeks and spent the last 2 days in a funk. Luckily this morning I was able to kick it into gear and accomplish the following:
  • 1 complete load of laundry for James, so he'd have fresh undies, red shirt, and blue pants to wear to the assembly.
  • A bath for James, who woke up after 5, spend 10 minutes in the bathroom and ....well, you don't want to know the details, suffice to say:
  • (1) he had a bath after that trip to the potty
  • (2) I cleaned the bathroom & made him breakfast while he took his bath & got clean all over
  • (3) his fingernails are now *really clean*
  • Gave my husband a wake-up call.
  • Made breakfast, lunch & dinner for my husband, who took off at 6:45 AM -- we'll see him again sometime around 8PM, after a full day of work & 4+ hours of commuting.
  • Made breakfast for daughter & got her up to eat it; reminded her several times to *finish* eating.
  • Moved James out to the living room to watch Baby Einstein's Baby Neptune. It helps.
  • Made lunch & snacks for James and snack for his sister.
  • Made & baked 2 batches of scones for daughter's end-of-year school lunch party, because all the food needs to have a locally grown component and that's the quickest thing I can make -- love ya, Clover Dairy!
  • Took a shower; can't remember the last time I did that and I did squeeze in a gym workout last night, so it was part hygiene, part community service.
  • Brushed daughter's long tresses (all 3 layers of thick, long honey hair) & pulled it back from her face in a partial pony tail.
  • Got James dressed patriotically and gave him a haircut so his overgrown rooster locks would not be impudently saluting anyone with a camera. I had to follow him, squirming and yelling, scissors and brush in hand, from a chair, to the floor, to my lap, and back to the chair. There were 2 successful pins in there but as his shoulders remained firmly in place above his ears, covering the offending locks, the jury is out on how effective the whole attempt was.
  • Delivered offspring to school early -- bonus points!
But now I need to post and run -- I am running a little late, because I just got responses to 2 of the 3 school-related emails I sent out to  James' teachers (summer school and teacher preferences for next year) and my daughter's school (programs for next year). Oh yeah, I sent those out this morning too.

Saluting as I trot down the street to the school (because I know there's no parking anyway for these events), red-in-the-face, Caucasian mom in blue jeans.

(ETA: I made it! Photos from the assembly are here.)


There's No Time For Pants! said...

Just reading that made me tired.

SoCo mom said...

I know. I think this explains the funk -- I knew what was coming :p