Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons ...

Stress from health, happiness, and financial issues in our family keep happening. I know we are not alone in this. Dear Lord, how I know. However, all the stress and strife can lay one low. And still, life keeps handing us lemons.

Last week, we all kept hanging in there, by our fingers and toes. If there's some positive divine intervention waiting out there in the universe, just waiting to happen, now would be a very good time to happen -- and here would be good too.

Meanwhile, James wanted to wear aprons (for reasons unclear to me). There were brownie fixin's in the pantry. Away we went:

Everything went very well until ... I realized I couldn't hear the gas running through to the oven. The stove top burners still turn on, but the oven has decided to join the dishwasher in anti-working solidarity.

Luckily, we'd poured the brownie mix into the Pyrex baking pan, so I could take a baking time guess and cook that chocolaty goodness in the microwave. No after pictures, but they were mighty fine. And James got to wear his apron with the red in in it. He took turns mixing the batter and could not have been happier. His sister got to lick the bowl and help me sample the finished goods, which were pronounced deeeee-licious.

Meanwhile, I have a new to-do item on my household improvements manifesto ...

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