Sunday, July 08, 2012

Blur of Fun

Sometimes, James can be hard to catch in a picture. He moves too quickly, limbs and joints moving fluidly, feet and toes hopping and leaping, hands flapping. In Kindergarten, they called him Peter Pan, because he got so lost in the fun that there was no way to keep him still.


Yet James can sit still for things that interest him. He can focus on a task or object for periods of time. He had a big breakthrough in Kindergarten by being able to finally sit cross-legged on the floor and join the class for circle time for the whole session. Over his year in First Grade, he increased the time he could sit and stay focused on a task during break-out groups for reading and writing.

It still makes me happy to see him enjoying life, even if it makes it tough for me to get it on camera.

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Sanstrousers said...

We have the same problem with my son! About 90% of the pictures I have of him are blurs!