Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Visit to the Marine Lab

On Friday, the kids and I joined their grandparents on a visit to the UC Davis Marine Lab on Bodega Bay. We drove through some lovely summer countryside and enjoyed a picnic together before joining one of the free, docent-led tours through their facility.

Sea anemone

Some flounders

James became bored about half way through the tour, so we walked back to the main hall for a bathroom break and waited for everyone else to finish up.

We had gorgeous weather and hopefully James learned some new things about fish in our area. His big sister soaked up enough information from before the tour  to answer some of the tour guide's questions to our group. I am sure she'll be sharing this with James for quite some time.
Sea urchin, sea star, seaweed, & some bivalves in the outdoor tide pool.

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