Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Special Exposure / Wordless Weds: Independent Day

I somehow feel that this year both kids keep showing their growing independence. Oh, I still hear my name called a bazillion times a day, but I no longer have to hold or tag along watchfully after them. Much. I can now go out and garden for almost an hour at a time, without the kids crying for me to come back inside, climbing to dangerous heights, otherwise injuring themselves or the house. They have found other things to do, like read books, play video games, or (gasp) play with their toys. They help do chores around the house on their own.

Today James and his sister helped me prepare for a family Fourth of July picnic by helping me spear berries on bamboo sticks and make Rice Krispy treat toppers (thanks, 5 Minutes for Mom, for the great idea).

They dressed themselves in red, white, and blue(ish) clothes and helped me pack the picnic bag. Once at the picnic, they ran around outside, playing with their cousins. It may seem banal, but there are years of waiting and yearning on my part, as well as hours of Social Stories, sensory work, speech therapy, O/T, and ABA help our kids enjoy this simple, happy afternoon.

I remember earlier years when the kids loved climbing the stairs in the barn, shied away from strange faces, and had to be followed, lest they fell into the creek or got lost behind a hay bale and panicked. Those memories are sweet,  but getting to relax and enjoy the day while the children made their own agenda was something to celebrate as well.

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Sanstrousers said...

I love the pic of him up in the air!

SoCo mom said...

All the yelling and the yodeling that went with the jumping were priceless too.