Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Am I: Answer

Another clue:


Okay -- it's Island Oasis!

James and his sister are touring alluring Islands around the world this week for summer camp. So far, they have visited the Phillipines and Arruba. I'd be intensely jealous, except I get a break while they are having a great time.

So far, they've worn leis and grass skirts to sing and dance on the stage at the center, made crafts with jewels from the sea, and even done some science experiments. James has come home with a new vocabulaory word: "cool." I love it!
Bijou by Big Sis

This is his second year with the older kids' summer camp through our Parks & Rec department. Before that, he had a blast for three years of their preschool summer camp. This gives James a chance to shine in regular activities without a 1:1 aide. Many of the staff know him and, because this is James' super power, everyone is his pal.

It's also a chance for James' sister to get out and have some fun without having little brother tagging along like a shadow. Even thought they are in the same program, he's with the younger kids and she's with the older group. It took a little persuasion to get her to relax and leave the supervision to the camp counselors, but things seem to have settled down well.

They get a little adventure and excitement, plus social time with their peers. I get some serenity. We all get to pretend we've been to an Island Oasis. Who knew the community center could be so many things?