Monday, July 23, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: Crayon People

James took all four crayons from his special library crayonbox and asked for some paper. Usually, he scribbles. Out of the blue, out popped these little guys:

No hesitation, and he was completely happy when they were done. "Here, mommy, this is for you," he said. This was quickly followed up with a request for tape. Where did he display it? In his room, where we can enjoy it together.

Wow, James -- just wow. It's these steady little breakthroughs of yours that make bright sunshine in my life.

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1 comment:

Childlife said...

I agree -- WOW! :D

I just love the hats, fingers and toes -- put a smile in the last of my weekend :)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN