Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scenes By the Pool

Another hot summer afternoon, some more ours enjoyed at the pool. This time I am doing a little work, poolside, before diving in. I just took a break and a few pics with Photo Booth:

I miss the Sunday comics. Just saying ...

Now in ThermalVision!!
And now, back to work ... although technically, this is a break for me, because the kids are occupied on their own and unplugged.

I'd have taken pictures of the skywriters and their "Geico" messages formed in circles too, but they dissipated pretty quickly.

This is how I enjoy the Vineman, BTW. I think it's my new tradition. Pass me that iced tea, Dahling ...


Shelley Gower said...

Oh, summer fun by the pool. Good times. :)

I'm so envious that you actually had a moment to sit and do some work at the pool. I, on the other hand, am that crazy helicopter mom circling her five-year-old son who wants nothing more than to dive into the deep end and age me about 20 years in the process.

Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog after you visited mine. Hope you don't mind me "following" your future posts. :)

SoCo mom said...

Hi, Shelley, and welcome! Good luck with your fearless guy -- I have had many of those aging events too.

It's taken me years to get to this point ... I think it's been 5 summers of sitting on the stairs and being aqua mama to 2 clinging monkeys who refused to get their heads wet and cried when splashed. Hang in there -- it does get better!