Saturday, July 21, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: Library Art

We've caught up with our reading weeks for the library's summer reading program. Once we get about four weeks in, the prizes start happening. Prizes! As in, additional prize on top of having access to a free library in the first place, with Read-to-a-Dog programs, puppet shows, story times, and computer edutainment games.

James and his sister both received book bags, with crayons to colour a picture of their summer reading dreams on the outside. I loved them both, so here they are:
 James scribbled dutifully in each colour. When pressed to reveal his dream, he said "Reading to Leo." Neat!

Big Sister's was more intense:
"Is that a carrot?" I asked her.
"No mom, it's a bomb to sink the ships," my darling Tank Girl replied.

Bombs being dropped on whaling ships to stop the whale hunting. See the whale getting away while she cheers? I think we'll be checking out some Green Peace books next.

The librarian was impressed and called her bag design concept the most original she'd seen all summer. Then she helped her pick out books on gorillas, whales, and human evolution. I seriously Heart our local library and librarians.

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Childlife said...

Such colorful and creative dreams, too! I love it when reading and books cross paths with art :)

~Michelle @ 5MFNS