Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Walking and Raising

Yes, this is late going up but yes, we will be walking in the 2013 Walk Now for Autism Speaks event this coming Saturday in Windsor, on the Town Green.

Yes, the numbers have risen again over the year: CDC now pegs the number of diagnosed children (ages 6-17) as 1:50 children and 1:31 boys. Last year they were reporting 1:88 and 1:54, respectively (for 8 year-olds). A diagnosis is made for some form of Autism every 11 minutes, instead of every 15 minutes.

Yes, we are making progress in understanding more about Autism -- its causes and resources for those affected by it.

Yes, there is more that needs to be done.

Yes, you can help:

Yes, you can come walk too! This will be our 4th year walking and every one has been a blast.
 * 2012
 * 2011
 * 2010

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