Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

Our local Farmers' Market started up today for the year. What a nice way to celebrate Earth Day! Besides the usual vendors, there were live performances and booths for earth-friendly businesses, health centers, and community programs. The local gardening club put on a fine plant and flower show.

We made this event our family activity for the week, and arrived early so we could park and plug in. Yes, plug in. The town recently installed 3 electric vehicle charging stations and our Leaf was the perfect fit for this.

Although the Bread Lady was not there, we found lots to see and buy. We're trying a bag full of honey-wheat rolls (they actually look like small loaves), golden beets, and gala apples from our favourite apple guy, who told us all about the uses of cotton & its by-products. And in the spirit of supporting our girl's interest in baking with fruits, I bout a raspberry cane from the garden club table and several raffle tickets for luck.

The atmosphere was excited, yet relaxed. The crowd was appreciative of the stage acts (senior center's Zumba group and the Healdsburg Belly Dancing troupe). Parks and Rec had volleyball nets with beach balls set up for kids, and I saw a modified game of horseshoes with Hula Hoops. Families from all over were having a blast.

The stilt walkers gave me 70s flashbacks, which was appropriate, seeing as Earth Day got started back in 1970.

And that's just the morning. We had a pool part this afternoon too!


Floortime Lite Mama said...

gorgeous pics
your kids are beautiful

SoCo mom said...

Thanks -- it was so nice to be outside!