Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Apps Fantastic for Autism Awareness Month

Because it was such a great event last year I went looking for free or discounted apps today, World Autism Awareness Day 2013.

Yowza -- Smart Apps for Kids has a great post all set up with lists, links, and descriptions.

We don't have iPhones, but we do have iPads, and kiddos who love them.  We're also on a very tight budget, and so appreciate all the speciall offers out there, however fleeting they may be.

After a quick look-through, I think we'll be trying:

Toca House, because Toca Store and Toca Hair Salon are such bit hits. Both kids have been wanting to add apps and we hold to one a month, and they must do chores to earn the apps.

Happy belated Easter?

If it gets them interested in the real-life chore counterparts, I am all for this one. Best of all -- it's free!

Sequences for Autism
James is working on this at school for speech sessions, reading regrouping, and learning to write a story.

In fact, ever since the epic games of Hide and Seek with his cousins on Easter, we have been writing stories aloud about games of hide and go seek.

Another fun and timely app that's free for a limited period.

Picture Me Calm -- bee-cause we can all use a little more calm in our lives.

James is starting to experience frustration and anger more often, and I've been working with him to breathe deeply and communicate a little more maturely.

He's going to be a big guy. I want to get him some effective coping tools before the hormones hit.

What are other good apps out there for spectrum families?

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