Thursday, April 25, 2013

And So It Goes

James and his sister had been playing KJS (Keep James Smart school) so nicely; non-computer play time and math went smoothly. I was beaming with pride.

Then James spotted the "fly" (it was really more like a gnat). Game over. He started crying, insisting we get the fly. Then he started jumping and yelling. After trying in vain to redirect him, I gave him a time out in his room. Then he called his sister a name and talked about punching people, which means no more iPad today.

It's now almost an hour later. James has calmed down and apologised and his sister's enjoyed a bike ride near our house. They are back together and playing a version Follow the Leader that combines Tae-Kwon-Do exercises and my old aerobics step. Now they are practicing writing. I am staying out of it, hoping for no more flies.

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