Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pool Party Afternoon

Saturday Sidekicks went out with a splash! They threw one nice pool party this afternoon at Sonoma State. About half the pool was sectioned off for water play. Lots of the Sidekick buddies were already in the pool when we arrived, splashing and encouraging the kids to have fun in the water.

Beach balls and water polo balls bobbed merrily about. Floatie tubes helped the less confident to stay afloat. I towed James all over the pool for about an hour as he kicked, splashed, and yelled "Wheeee, a pool party!" over and over. His sister took off and swam like a fish all over the pool, with a buddy tagging along to monitor her progress and talk with her. James knew some of the kids in the pool, and we had fun hanging out near each other, and enjoying brief moments of connection and interaction.

Then the gigantic horse raft was brought out. Oh my. Most of the kids clamoured for a ride, often overbalancing and tipping over shortly after managing to get on top. Eventually, most kids had their fun, and climbed out to devour the pizza that had been delivered, poolside. A small dedicated group continued their water play. I got a shot as James did not want to get back in the water after pizza.

We hit the mid 80s and had a light breeze. It was perfect weather!
One last thank you and aloha for this year, Saturday Sidekicks!


Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG how gorgeous sunny and beautiful
Here in Seattle we still have our big jackets on

SoCo mom said...

Our second big heat wave of this year is rolling through. I loved all your colourful pictures from your spring break in Seattle!