Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Magic Marker Monday: Rainbow Spelling Words

James is really taking off in his new classroom, and doing amazingly better with his school work. I am so very thankful for his new aide, who is making the hugest difference in our lives. We went from a situation where James was not learning, resisted vigorously going to school, and becoming a disciplinary problem to one where he was participating with his class in class work, much happier to come to school, and making progress with doing more work independently.

Case in point -- rainbow spelling practice!
He scored 100% on the test, too.
 Normally James needs someone prompting him through his spelling word list. He insists on a yellow, #2 pencil, and gets frustrated part way through the list. This week, his aide showed me the simple spelling flash cards she'd made for him; she printed the words first in colour and James then traced them in pencil. This could explain why last week James wanted to write the spelling list by himself -- in crayon. I printed the lines for him and the result was delightfully colourful.

Not content with that, James went on to write words in crayon -- something he usually did with pencil or pen, as he'd snap the waxy sticks.

Oh, and instead of touch math (old class and aide), he's memorized addition facts so he can add 3 columns of numbers and is getting better at subtraction. Again, this is the difference that a well-matched aide can make. She tells me she's making up multiplication cards for him to use. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that there are people like this woman out there to help children like James. She is helping to give him tools, education, and creativity.

And hold on to your hats -- there's an ostrich report in progress; with drawings!!!

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Child Life said...

Love all the great colors - and the handwriting is superb too! Keep up the wonderful work, James! :)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN