Friday, July 27, 2012

Snoopy Time

James' big sister was invited to a birthday party that involved ice skating at our local arena, Snoopy's Home Ice. It's a gorgeous facility, and quite a gift from Charles M. Schultz and family.

I blew out my knee this week, so James and I remained on the sidelines. We didn't mind too much, as this is a great place to even visit:
"Look, Mommy! Snoopy's nose!"

Yup, that beagle's nose is neigh irresistible!

Oh man, the music took me back to the late 70s-80s, and ice/roller skating parties of my youth ...
It was really nice for us all to be out past our usual time. The kids couldn't get over how light it still was after 8pm and were thrilled to be treated to sharing an order of hot fries on the way home. Everyone slept well that night!

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