Thursday, January 17, 2013

Morning at the Med Center

After another rough night and early morning, I brought James in to see the doctor. I wanted to rule out everything else (e.g., ear or throat infection, stomach bug). Because I wanted one of the first appointments of the morning, we saw a new doctor. She introduced herself to us and told me she'd reviewed James' chart as well as the information coming in for today's visit before asking me about my concerns as she checked James' breathing, ears, and throat. She was very calm, thorough, and quick. She did however, have concerns it might be appendicitis.

Oh God. 

This, this, this, and this flashed through my mind, and I teared up.

I explained as calmly as I could to the doctor that we'd been this route before, and it was rather traumatic and we really didn't want to do another ER stint unless it was absolutely necessary. I give her all kinds of kudos because she did make it a much more positive experience for us, while still taking steps to make sure we were not dealing with appendicitis.

First, she ordered an x-ray of James' digestive system, which could be done on the same floor of the building. She had a wheelchair brought so that James would not have to walk. The x-ray was quick and efficient. James even perked up because he thought the technician was cute. We were soon back in the waiting room, and the new doctor saw us before I could get halfway through a short Winne-the-Pooh book.
This makes sense if you read down to the end.

Next, she showed us BOTH his x-ray, and answered our questions. Because yes, James was interested and asked "Is that me?" I loved how she communicated with us. The image showed some constipation and air in his intestines, as well as a stomach full of even more air. So the diagnosis now leaned more towards constipation. The doctor offered having an enema done down the hall in the Treatment Room and then recommended getting blood drawn to definitely rule out appendicitis. That being far preferable to an ER trip at another facility a mile or so away, I agreed.

Well, the enema triggered nausea and yammying. Not much happened at the other end. I did, however, manage to get a urine sample. There was a bit of a mess. How weird am I to be happy that it happened in a med center and not the car or our house? After it was over, we had no BMs, but a much more relaxed guy.

I did a quick emergency call to his Nana to please bring clean jammies and underwear. While we waited, James was able to lie on a padded gurney and watch a movie, covered by a beach towel from home. The doctor came back to check in. She told me the urine sample had no indicators for appendicitis and asked James to jump up and down on his toes, which he did. She then told me she didn't need a blood test, that James would not have been able to do that if he'd had appendicitis.

I almost kissed her feet, I was so happy. Everything was checked out with a minimum of fuss and delay and a maximum of compassionate assistance. James could go home to rest, and they even sent some suppositories home with us to try later tonight and tomorrow. Good Lord, I hope they work!

This looks like a cool x-ray app for the iPad - I think we'll check it out. Click the image above for more info.

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Unknown said...

Wishing rest/peace/quiet for you all. And, for awesome James, a big hug. Nana