Monday, January 21, 2013

Magic Marker Monday: Lego Love at Last

This is a not a typical Magic Marker Monday post because James was following directions to build something with Legos.

I decided to post this here today because for James, this is a creative project. Despite several attempts to introduce him to Legos, large, small, and kit versions, he's remained politely uninterested. My bare feet and vacuum were grateful. Last Christmas, he received a pair of cool Lego Star Wars jammies from his cousins and uncle. He liked the fabric more than the design.

Some time over the summer, he started to become interested in Lego Star Wars (I am thinking SW Angry Birds on his dad's phone was his Gateway).James became increasingly interested in both Legos and Star Wars. His godmother gave him an awesome Star Wars Leggo advent calendar for Christmas this year. He loved it, but I had to hide it because all the little pieces were immediately lost in the mayhem that was our house.

Then I found a Leggo book with sotries, Lego pieces, and instruction for building cars, helicopters, and other vehicles that James likes. He got it for his birthday. Yesterday, he asked me to help him put it together.

What a sweet feeling, to work together with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. James was so proud, he showed it off to everyone and spend (for him) a long time playing with it.

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Child Life said...

What great fun! We got a similar Lego book at Christmas that we have been enjoying. Those are some cool cars you've been building there, James! Keep up the great work!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN