Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunny and Bright

Well, Friday was better, but still had issues. Many were the emails that crossed between the doctor and I. Aside: I like that you can attach files or photos in the messaging system to our pediatrician. Very handy for rashes and showing messy things that should not be brought into a doctor's office.  Friday and Saturday nights, however, were excellent-- full night's sleep for everyone and no more moaning! OMG, the constant moaning does us all in.

Saturday, James was back to eating regular foods. Not his regular amount, but hey, he ate it with relish and it all stayed down. Then came the mystery BM in the afternoon. Neither kid owned up to producing it. After a lengthy parental CSI debate, my husband and I deduced it belonged to James. Hooray!

James was back to jumping on the trampoline and doing more than lying on the sofa with his iPad. I even took him to the gym with me so he could play in Kids' Klub while I worked out, and was told he had a good time. He asked to have his sister's kitten come out and seemed to enjoy the kitten mayhem that ensued.

Today, he is very affectionate, hugging me and having conversations. As I type this, he's doing math and spelling with me on his Magnadoodle. I have noticed that James is talking now, and not largely stimming or asking the same question repeatedly. It's like someone took a lid off and we can see the person inside and interact more with him.  He is being funny on purpose, calling Jack Skellington "Jack Frosting" and renaming challah bread "jolly bread." He's making quiet but thoughtful remarks and requests. We even played together building Leggos, which he's never done before, despite encouragement. More on that tomorrow.

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