Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Gift of All

James' birthday was a good one. Despite it being a school day, it started with presents. We brought his cupcakes, which he helped bake & decorate, to share at school. Then we went to his grandparents' house after school, to celebrate some more and open even more presents. We'll have a party with some friends later this month.

I saw some cute pictures of James and I flipped through my recent downloads. It made me smile to see him so much more aware and happy about his birthday events than in previous years.

There were two photos that especially warmed my heart. They were of James, getting the best gift of all:
Attention and love from Big Sister. She made his card and present herself.

Look at that quiet, happy smile. He played with that all morning and then put it in his room.

These are moments I'll treasure.

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