Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A New Year's Tradition

We live within an hour of the Pacific ocean and trips to the coast and its beaches are happy events. Making a special New Year's pilgrimage to the Pacific has made for some of the most enjoyable of memories for our  family. In recent years, we haven't been able to make it every year, for various reasons.

Last year I made the trip alone with the kids to with visit friends. This year we celebrated having a car that could make the trip to the coast without needing breaks to recharge it. We investigated a new beach, where the pounding, towering surf made me incredibly nervous for the kids, even as it's raw beauty wowed me. So after lunch and a whole lotta ooohing and ahhhing we piled back in the car and made for our favourite local family cove.

Doran Beach was hopping. I had to wait for 3 people to leave before I found a parking spot. Once we hit the sands, the kids flew to the waterline, where much milder waves crashed and splashed ashore. Our daughter made fast friends with another girl, her shovel (a full-sized garden specimen), and bucket. They spent almost an hour digging a pit and building a sand sofa in it. I adore my girl.

James became one with the surf and sand. It was interesting to watch him walk, his feet and toes as sensitive and fingers and hands, while he held up his actual hand and fingers like sign posts and kept them immobile.

James had a blast, interfacing with the beach by using his feet:

We agreed that this was an excellent start to a New Year. I love that we keep using our Regional Parks pass and membership. What would we do without the ocean?

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