Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Full Stoppage

James' world has crashed to a halt yet again as a massive bout of constipation lays him low.

Like the previous two instances, we thought at first it was the flu. The absence of a fever and fruitless trips to the bathroom made us realize we were in for another few epic days. And we're still trying to get things moving.

So, no school for James; out weekday routines are scrapped. New things pile up as the backlog ages further and my husband and I try our darndest to make James comfortable and undo the blockage as non-invasively as possible:
  • We use the prescription anti-nausea pills that dissolve quickly in his mouth; it relieves pain and vomiting bouts, and allows him to sleep. 
  • We offer James sippy cups of iced electrolyte water; according to latest bathroom trips, he's hydrated. 
  • We give him milk whenever he asks for it and make sure the Miralax is in there as well; we hope this will prevail and keep us all from the pandemonium that ensues with James after an enema is administered.
  • Bathroom trips are checked for results (a few tiny BMs have started to appear and he's able to pass gas).
  • We help James finish up bathroom trips with disposable wipes and ointment, to keep him clean and comfortable; I keep hoping this will relax him enough to help things along.
  • James is given yogurt squeeze-ups when he requests food (we did try letting him have an apple bar once but that was a mistake). Oh how I wish he took prune juice and that it did not trigger a gag reflex from Hell.
And now, we rest, and hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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