Friday, January 04, 2013

Another "I Don't Get It" Moment

Background: James' big sister had her 10th birthday party yesterday here at our house. This alone is worth a future blog post.

James was utterly delighted. He loves company and kids, and he's gotten to know these particular friends, and they him. It was a very comfortable, relaxed event for all. James wanted to stay with the rest of the kids, watching and reveling in all the action. We kept checking in and everyone seemed fine with this, so we just let them all be.

There were visits to the new birthday kitten (now a stately 4 months old). Several spirited (and loud) games of Super Monkey Ball on the very cool in-home entertainment system their dad rigged for them up out of thrift store (and dump) finds (which could be it's own cool blog right there). Pizza was served during a movie -- Brave, by request of the birthday girl.

About half way through the movie, James started coming up to me, saying "Oh Mommy, I'm so glad you're back!" before hugging me for longer than usual. Took me a bit to connect Queen Eleanor being turned into a bear and me.

You see, about two weeks back, I flew out to New Mexico to pick up and drive back a used car to replace our totaled van. This took about three days -- the first time James has had to do without me since, well that one night his grandmother stayed with both kids so my husband and I could spend a night at a local B&B. That was back in 2007, I think.

Now, during these three days, James was fine. No anxiety, repetitive questions about where I was or when I'd be back and his sleeping at night was fine. I don't know why James connected the dots as he did between my trip and the story of Brave. I do know it is nice to be back home, and that despite James being fine, I was missed.

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