Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Night in the ER (Day 5-6)

Open Letter to Emergency Rooms: We have to stop meeting like this. It's wrong, wrong, wrong and I want it to stop.

I never intended to spend so much time with you and have you reach so far into my life. But you have. No one can save lives like you, ER; you make life and living seem so precious. I've met some amazing people through you and had to stretch to keep up with your bursts of frantic energy, shifting teams, and constantly change of game plans. My life will never be the same after being so much with you recently.

I will always remember our special times together, especially late at night. The waiting during those fantastic hours between 2 and 4am, where time seems seems slow and the world narrows to just the two of us. The random weekends and odd vacations cut short, where we had the unscripted rendez-vous.

But the sleep deprivation and anxiety are wearing. I think it best that we just be friends, and see each other in a much less frequent basis, in future. Can we just try that, please?

Yours, sincerely - Me

P.S.: Yes, we are back home, and intend to stay there together.

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