Monday, March 12, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: Grab Bag

We've been concentrating on writing lately. I did have a piece of artwork come home from James:

It was supposed to be an original piece that could be used to decorate items as a fundraiser for his school. Normally I'd be on it, but this is not really a James piece and I'm not sure I want to encourage his love affair with the iPad at this point!

James' sister, however, has been busy using signs to catalog her interests:
It's sweet, but cracks me up ... he knows where his room is! 
I love this sign. It's been up for weeks. Every afternoon, an island celebration occurs!

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1 comment:

Childlife said...

OK, the Hawaiian party just cracks me up! :D

And all the signs everywhere -- your two are sure a creative duo!

(We have a number of signs up on any given day too)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN