Friday, March 30, 2012

Back Yard Therapy

James continued his recovery today. He ate better than almost all this previous week, drank lots of water, and downed a lot of Miralax with his milk. In fact, he had so much energy yesterday, that I let him go back to school today.

My! He was a happy guy. His aide reported that he had a fantastic morning and worked well. He just started to fade after lunch, at which point I picked him up. Early this evening, he passed his first bowel movement in a week. I had to call my mom and shout "Yahoo!!!"

Tomorrow we go to a funeral. James will actually stay at home with Respite, as the long car trip (5-6 hours R/T) would bring on the constipation again. I have explained the new schedule tomorrow to him, and plan to talk about the funeral this weekend. I found some social stories online and will tailor them for James.

Meanwhile, life goes on. I did my yard duty shift, signed up James' sister for swim classes this summer, and attacked a mountain range of laundry. I took a backyard break, to admire the Spring that is trying mightily to break out amidst some very cold, wet, and fickle weather. In the back of my mind is the person who is no longer here in body.

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