Monday, March 19, 2012

Susuwatari Tree Surprise

The last few days have been good ones around our boy. I feel as though a couple of layers have been peeled off and I am seeing more of James Inside.

This weekend, for example, during a trip to the library, his face lit up as he got out of the car and he started calling out "I see them! I see them!"

Me: "Who, Honey?"

James: "Soot Sprites!"

He was pointing up to the tree next to our parking spot:

Son of a gun! So I grinned and we both started yelling "Come out, come out, whereEVER you are!!!!"

This sounds kind of banal, but I know that while James might have made the connection and thought about this before, he could or did not vocalize it, and play along with me.

I love not just feeling his happiness at being alive, but also being able to play with my buddy. It's rather like the difference between feeling a warm fire and playing with a really cool sparkler.

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