Saturday, March 24, 2012

SOOC Saturday: In the ER

New pediatrician at the med center, plus extreme symptoms with a residual of autism, equals a day in the hospital ER.

Do you know how many times I have been to the ER/hospital over the last year for my family? Too way damned many, that's how many.
Let's just say it's averaged more than once a month.
James was a patient kiddo through it all. He hurt like the dickens and fought the nausea like a champ. He did his best to communicate with a team that was not only new to him, but also unfamiliar in dealing with an Autistic pediatric patient.

He was so good about being poked and transferred from car to wheel chair to bed and then back again. I am glad I was able to talk them out of the ambulance ride. That would have stressed him out so much more.

 Trust me, you do NOT want to be watching Dora the Explorer like this.

While I am very grateful that we have some form of medical coverage, the copays just shot our monthly budget and added to our credit card debt, despite the weekly chunk that is already taken out to pay for said heath care.

And while the ER rocked and both the medical and administrative personnel in both facilities were attentive and lovely to us all throughout the long LONG day, I now know that I will also need to change pediatricians for the kids. Some things you can just tell are into going to work the way you need them to, true?

Yes, this so could have been a lot worse. I am very thankful it was not. It came at the tail end of a really nasty week, however, and it knocked me for a loop.

Still, there were parting gifts:

This is our life, straight-out-of-camera (well, some cropping was done in the interest of privacy issues); linking to the SOOC action at Marvelous Mommy's blog.
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Phoenix said...

Awww poor kiddo! I hope he is feeling better and things calm down for you. (((HUGS)))