Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday: Juggling

I've been not posting these last few days because, well, more stuff fell onto my plate. My Dad's been in a hospital and is now a nursing facility. He'll be there through Thanksgiving, one of the holidays that my folks love to host. This is tough on us all, even though it's temporary. The kids are both off school for the entire week. James is at lose ends, and usually found draped over me. Unless I want him in a certain place, at which time he runs laughing in the other direction. Of course.

With my immediate family, I am juggling schedules for kids, play dates, holidays, extra errand running, and visiting hours. Hey, I even helped troubleshoot fixing an iPhone over my Droid phone (I see some of you shuddering). Yikes. We are doing pretty well, but some things just don't get done as promptly as they used to.

The kitchen calendar and my spiral weekly/monthly planner for the year are getting workouts. I am using up the texting portion of my phone plan. We are using child care at the gym.

This morning we are getting the final ingredients for making some Thanksgiving side dishes to share. Then we are visiting my Dad. The kids really seem to cheer him up. James does well, except for when he loudly announces he wants to go home or bowling. If one of the patients is in pain and crying, that will set him off too.

Ah well. Learning, growing, managing. How are your holiday preparations coming along?

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Susie said...

I hear ya. That's why my mom lives with us. The running back and forth to check up/visit her was killing me!