Sunday, November 06, 2011 - I Wish I'd Known ...

"I wish I'd known ...." is a common lament from those with hindsight and experience ... that comes after the fact. With parents of children on the spectrum, it's a constant. We're all searching for more information, better understanding of our child, and answers that will help us.

It's not just for a diagnosis, root cause of our child's autism, and what to do/not do for our children, it's also where to take them for dental checkups, summer activities, and ideas for how to fill the deadly (for us) Unstructured Time.

After four years of coming to grips with our son's autism, I began emerging from a fog to realize several things that had crept up on me ... including that I was isolated and feeling a keen desire to connect with others. To share what works/does not work.

From my association with the CATS Program, I first heard about My Autism Team this past winter. They are committed group with experience in online communities and referrals that wanted to build an online community of parents of children on the Autism spectrum, so that they could share resources and rate programs and services for their families, in hopes that their hard-earned knowledge could benefit others, and vice-versa.
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When their beta site launched, I plunged in and began building a profile, adding team members for all that had been helpful with a son who was largely non-verbal, developmentally delayed, social, and sensitive with certain noises. People who dealt well with yelling and crying during an office visit and who were willing to act as socializers for an atypical child. I've been reading others' profiles, searching to see if any providers will work for us.

Then there are the posts from other parents. Ones that make me smile, cry, and hurt my heart (both good and bad). The messages from other parents across the U.S., encouraging one another to hang in there, that we are not alone in our despair, frustration, and determination to help our kids and savour the good in life.

Questions, encouragements, advice. It's all there.

There is room for so much more and so many more families.

If you haven't visited already, please check out, or send an email to a parent you know who might be able to use it. They are also on FaceBook.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, is looking for parents to come to their office and give feedback on their site.

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