Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Avila Beach

I've been looking over photos from this summer and realized I hadn't put any up of our trip to the beach this summer. We took a longish road trip down to visit with friends, who took us to one of their favourite ocean hang outs: Avila Beach.

First, we found a parking space on a weekend (!) Next, we visited their small but wonderful aquarium. I think our house is bigger than this place, but they have a lot of heart, and good exhibits:

Main room, showing regional fish in their natural environment.
The starlight netting on the ceiling is a nice touch. Gives the place an air of excitement.

James people watched for a bit, then got a proper look behind him ...

Jellyfish! As in SpongeBob and
Finding Nemo - JellyMan!!!

Lots of round tanks, some with currents swirling gently.
After this, we ate some packed snacks and headed for the beach! Kids frolicked and adults looked on in second-hand happiness. It was a lovely, lazy, refreshing visit.

How he usually starts off.


James got very confident, letting the low waves crash into him and laughing with joy.

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