Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sleepy Saturday

My first weekend morning after my first week back at work started about the same time as usual, but with a sweet twist. James woke up and found me asleep. He woke me up with "Mommy! You're here. Is it the weekend?" "Yes," I told him. He then proceeded to lay down across me sideways, so I could not get up, and announced "I need to stay with you."

 This tall guy is 2 inches shy of 5 feet tall and will turn 9 in January. Somehow, he turned himself into a small cuddlebug, and I sat there loving it.

"What are we doing today?" he asked. "Not a lot this morning. Maybe later we'll go to the county fair," I replied. If James had more mainstream communication, he'd have shouted something like "Yay!!" Instead, he wriggled with delight, hummed happily, and gave off waves of contentedness. We stayed that way for almost 15 minutes.

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