Monday, July 29, 2013

An Excellent Time at the County Fair

A summer weekend, and the kids want an outing. I want time to enjoy with them and the great weather outdoors. Luckily, I planned ahead! Last month, we entered a Fair contest (colouring a pre-printed drawing) and were mailed free tickets to the fair to go see our entries -- and a whole lot more. Because I saved a lot on admission, I was able to buy some ride tickets.

But first, let's start off right, with perfect weather and crowds. It was hot, but with breezes off the coastal fog bank. There were enough people to create an upbeat buzz but not so many that it was hard to wander and look at things. Our entry price? Free! We participated in a contest and received tickets to come see our entries.

We began with the kids spinning for free prizes at the credit union booth, and I being handed a credit union backpack to hold the won articles. We then mooved along to free ice cream from Clo at the Clover-Stornetta booth. Yum, it was so good! James and his sister tend to be picky about their ice cream and they ate every bite.

As we finished up we realized we were standing practically at the boarding stop for the buggy ride, so we caught ourselves a pleasant little tour of the fair, driven by a cowboy and his daughter. James tried asking a couple of questions, but I really think he was trying to engage with the cute cowgirl. Her dad explained to my daughter how to properly use a whip (which she'd seen and asked him about) and the spurs.

After this, we decided to try the Butterfly Adventure - a new exhibit to the fair. That was a hit, especially for James' sister. James liked the butterflies, but began to freak out when they fluttered close to him, so our visit was a little shorter than we might have liked. Still, it was a great experience, and no butterflies were harmed by our group.
Intro & info

A look into the butterfly room

This man was very funny; right here he's explaining that the Q-Tip-like objects were truly
handcrafted by Tibetan monks ... during a full moon


I fed one, with my magic Tibetan stick!

It's a moth, I know ... but still!!


Continuing our enjoyment of free fair entertainment, we cruised through the craft halls, where we admired some thematic displays, pies, and quilts. We came across a tiny railroad, complete with some of America's natural wonders ... and dinosaurs. What a find! Even more fortunately, the gentleman who made the entire project was there. He talked so nicely with the kids, eager to share his love of trains and to ask what they thought after watching the cars go around through the fantastic landscapes. I love coming across people like that man.
Jluy 4th display

It's not a county fair without pie!

Just really liked this; the artist is only 16!

Heh. The 10th took 3rd at the LEGO table.

tiny train and park. I wish I had gotten this man's name. He was so genial and nice with the kids.
James surprised me by asking to go on the small roller coaster. o.O  So we all went. He did very well all the way through, but once was enough. His sister took a second ride while we watched. After a long walk through the Midway, big sister decided to try the Fun House. It was okay, but too short. We wound up that area by playing one of the midway games. James actually landed a ping pong ball in a bowl. Alas, it was the colour that earned you more balls to toss, but still, it prolonged the excitement for a bit

We did pause for some nutritious snacks: popcorns, kettle corn, and a snow cone. Then a final look another hall of crafts and art pieces before viewing our entries in their binders.

We saw and did more things ... but they're for another post!

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