Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Special Exposure / Wordless Weds: Snow!

Although our temps have regularly been in the 20s, it's been clear. So disappointing for my daughter, who would LOVE to be out in a snow storm, or at least a couple of flurries. Snow is strange and wonderous for her.

Our schedules at home have had to shift majorly twice daily to get Daddy down to the commute bus in the morning, well before school, and pick him up after dinner. It's an hour's round-trip each time. And on top of it all, I am trying to catch up on groceries, birthday, and Christmas preparations that I never got the chance to do over the past 2 weeks. I made it to the gym exactly once, which is dire for me. Some days the kids have spent 3 or more hours in the van. I am trying to make things as fun as possible and keep the holiday magic going, at least for the kids and I.

How fortunate that our town has a grove of 150 decorated Christmas trees at the Town Green, and that twice nightly, it "snows" in a certain part of the grove. A couple of times I have taken the kids there after a dinner on the go, so they could have half an hour of fun outside before another round-trip down the freeway. The joy on their faces goes a long way to soothing my heart right now:


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Oh, that just looks like such fun!