Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have a head cold. Didn't feel so bad at first, but it's got my attention now. How will I get it together for Christmas and keep up as the driver for the family? Well, my fingers are crossed, so that's a start. Got some unexpected respite lined up for this afternoon. I think I'll get some Throat Coat, to go with the Mucinex and saline nasal spray. I want to use the big guns -- my prescription cough meds with codiene, but then I can't drive. Friday night can't come soon enough.

The kids are well, yay. But they need parents to take care of them. Oh well. At least grocery run is done for the week, we have gift wrap, and many presents have been purchased. If only I could find them. I hate being sick and worried over the holidays.

Looking forward to next week, when I can go back to enjoying the little things.

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