Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas. Every one.

Christmas morning came early. Mornings usually do where James is concerned. I was able to safely corral him in his room until just after 7, when he emerged and announced "Hi, Mommy. I going to RElax with you!" Once on the sofa with me, he said "I going to kiss you!" And he did, right after he fell on me with loving glee.  Oof!! At over 60 pounds, he's getting big.

Then his real purpose became clear; "I play Caillou on your white computer, okay? Okay" Kiss-kiss-kiss. Giggle, giggle, dancing over to my laptop.

Around 7:40, his Daddy and sister emerged, ready to start their Christmas morning. It dawned on James that Christmas was actually really and truly here. Oh the openings! The talking! The exclamations of "Oh! I love it!! Do you love it, Mommy?/Daddy?" The iPad sucked him in. Already he's managed to take off Angry Birds, a slew of apps, and mess up PhotoBooth. He also figured out the volume and screen controls before I could even think about them.

Then he played with his other toys. His Leapster spelling cards, the megaphone from Grandpa (who's going to get a voicemail of thanks, in the loud Robot voice), and his toy train washdown (carwash for trains). He was ecstatic that Percy came with it. He play acted a play date between Percy and Thomas in 3 different rooms, ending up with himself draped over his new shark bean bag chair. Oh my heart, what a happy Spirit of Christmas present. It's done me a lot of good.

This has been a year with lots of heartache in it. Things are going to be tough for a while yet. I look at our children, especially James this morning, and find some of the brightest spots of hope for the future.

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danette said...

Glad ya'll had such a joyful day, it made me smile to read this. Merry Christmas, and happy new year!