Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2011: Countdown at 6PM

2011, no offense, but you stunk at the end. Good riddance!

The beginning was not so bad. In fact, looking back at January pics, I can see how much the kids have grown. I remember the concerns I had then for them. How they powered on through and made their own success stories. That makes me happy to remember:

James went from not being very distracted in class, barely being able to write, and crying when I showed up to help at school to a confident first grader, who is able to sit in class for most of it, get A+ grades on spelling tests, and shows off for me at school singalongs.

In fact, this is what we read tonight, together:

I am almost reconciled to the fact that my baby boy is gone and my big, almost 7-year old is growing up and out almost every day.

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