Saturday, February 04, 2012


James has started talking to me at night before he goes to sleep. It started with his sister putting him to sleep a couple of nights over the Winter Break. Very sweetly, she would tell him stories and tell him they would see each other that night in Dreamland. Then James would ask her what they would do and she would tell him. They came up with all kinds of fun things to do together.

Sometimes James wants me to stay with him for a bit after lights out. He doesn't want me to talk or sing. He just likes to hold my hand and check that I am still there. Tonight he wanted to know if the whole family was going to Dreamland. I said yes.

"What we gonna do?" he asked. "How about fly?" I suggested. "Yeah. I gonna have wings?" "Yes." "What colour?" So we came up with all the colours for each family member's wings: gold for James, aquamarine for his sister, purple for me, and green for Daddy.

Yes! Sweet dreams.

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