Saturday, February 25, 2012

SOOC Saturday: Changeable

James has been really talking socially and describing his thoughts so that even people who don't engage with him often can understand and reciprocate. This is good change! Meanwhile, we've had quite the week for weather. Even had some small earthquakes rumble and jerk their way through our home. It's been a changeable week.

We started out grey, cold, and rainy; then it began to clear and warm:

The flowers and plants loved the shift from winter gloom to hot sunshine:

And by week's end:

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Xmasdolly said...

Those are some great pics. Those first couple of pics I was gonna ask did you go with us on vacation last year.. oh no wait that was the year before, but that's what it looked like going out to West Virginia to Busch Gardens. Once we got there it was great. Happy SOOC Saturday.

Marci said...

Wow, love the flower pics. It's been really warm here also and the only flowers I've seen are the ones that grow under the Pine trees. And it has been HOT here also, when TheDHCaveman actually says to turn the A/C on, then you know it's hot!!!

Lisa Brown said...

How good for James! Your flower pictures are absolutely beautiful! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

Kelly B said...

It's amazing how many spring blossoms we have already had too!! Hoping they blossom again in the "real" spring;)

And funny that it was warm enough to attempt the pool!! My kids were asking if people we opening their pools yet:)

Emily said...

Sounds like an amazing week! I love the beautiful soft sky, looking into the tulip and the pink blossoms against the blue sky. Thank you for sharing!