Saturday, February 04, 2012

SOOC: Birthday Boy

Guess who turned 7 last month?

James is 7. I still have trouble believing it, sometimes.

As per the past couple of years, his birthday, coming soon after the big winter holidays wind down, was haphazard. Kind of like those days with patchy clouds that randomly give way to brilliant periods of sun. His birthday occurred during the first week that school started back up again, so not only did I need to remind the teacher, James would only get to see his Dad for a bit on his birthday. Also, it was an early morning drive Daddy to the bus stop morning, so James at least got a jump on his special day, and got to have us all together sing Happy Birthday to him.

After the bus drop, I took the kids to Starbucks, where James could have a special treat and open some presents. He liked his Curious George DVD and got really excited about getting the Barney one from his GrandMarie. Because it was his birthday, Big Sister and I sucked it up and let him watch Barney in the car on the way to school.


James helped make his cupcakes from scratch the night before, using a Lazy Daisy recipe. I made an extra batch from cake mix the next day, to be sure everyone got some. They sure turned out nice!

I think the best part for me was seeing James hand out his birthday cupcakes to his classmates, and having them sing Happy Birthday to him. I think his face says it all:

But his day was not over yet. We went up to my parents' house for some pizza dinner and more presents. James and his sister played with balloons, a wheel chair, and mysterious things in the attic. He went to bed pretty quickly once we got home, that's for sure! Happy Birthday, my big guy. Love you.
This cake shot is certainly SOOC. Unfortunately.

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Xmasdolly said...

ALL HAIL TO THE KING! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a lucky little fellow & too cute. It doesn't surprise me he went straight to bed when he got home. What a long happy day that was I bet! Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by. I was looking for followers so I could follow you, but didn't see it. I'll look one more time before I leave if not tell me where it is & I'll come back.

Lisa Brown said...

Hi! Just stopping by from Marvelous Mommy's SOOC Saturday. Great pics - looks like your little guy had a great birthday! I can't believe my little guy will be that big one day!