Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Specials

There have been capes on heads, a tent in the living room, and shark chases down the hall. It's looking like a Friday night. And oh how we've needed it!

We've gone through several rounds of colds, low-sleep nights, and been off our routines Today finally felt like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (in a good way). I got caught up on lots of delayed tasks that weighed on my conscience. I took my daughter to go see a matinee on her day off school. This is what we saw:
We loved it!
The day started unusually, with James sleeping in, therefore myself as well. I can't remember the last time I woke up after 6:30 on a weekday morning, which is semi-pathetic. We finished up assembling James' Valentines to distribute, his second day back in school. I could tell that we were not going to make the bell for arrival, so instead of rushing him, I called the school and let them know that he was coming, but late.

With that pressure relieved, I took and extra 15 minutes to help James finish his math and practice some writing for his homework, which he was too tired to do last night. He arrived at school happy and ready to go. His classmates were just coming in from recess. Their schedules are off too, because the entire class is being assessed for report cards this week. Both James' teacher and aide reported he had a really good day, with excellent school work, test responses, and listening. Awesome!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, the impromptu Wild Kingdom lesson on the House Cat gave way to bedtime routine, with James' sister putting him capably to bed as only she can. I swear, he dropped off in less than 5 minutes without a peep. She gets a bonus this week with her allowance for all the times she's gotten him ready for bed and off to sleep for me.
"I'll just stand over here while Jim attempts to bathe the House Cat ..."

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