Sunday, January 29, 2012

SOOC Saturday: Roundup

Well, another busy, crazy week. Both kids enjoyed grabbing my camera and taking a few pics. Here's our Weekly Roundup, Straight Out Of Camera:
More early mornings at Bad Ass Coffee. Photo by James.
Love this serendipitous self portrait!

After school, we hit the library, where Big Sister got to read to a dog. Very well too, I might add.
She also got him to do a trick for a doggie treat.

Speaking of Big Sister, she made me some dynamite lemonade with honey and garden lavender.
She got a little creative with the rinds. Meet Lemon Man!

I cracked up with I saw this - I am sure she made t
he obligatory screaming noises when she took this photo.
Mustard in the vineyards, shot during our visit to the Chocolate Hill Road.
Attended the North Bay's first Autism Speaks Walkathon kickoff meeting.
We'll be walking again this year!
Back to the tropical fish store, to get the tank water tested.
Proof the store employees have a sense of humour.
Now it this Nemo and Dory, or Marlin and Dory?
"Who you callin' Nemo? Do you see any lucky fins here?!"
Cute little puffer fish.
Sunset on the way home last night. Love the Round Barn.

Nice to be a part of the SOOC hoe-down at Marvelous Mommy's blog.
Come on over to see more or join in!

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