Friday, January 06, 2012

Flipped-up Friday

James' Dad is calling in sick and there went my plans for the day - flip!

I'm actually glad he's taking time to rest before he suffers a health setback. However, now I need to rethink the day. I've got to make sure a few things get done, think about the new best order for getting chores and errands accomplished. I also need to factor in the noise. My husband needs more quiet than is possible with the kids at home.

Now I consider my options. For getting the kids out of the house, we can use the gym, library, and the grocery store. If the weather is nice, I can run some errands near a park, where they can run around some more. Maybe I'll get their bikes in the van and let them ride for a bit.

Luckily (I guess), we've not been able to get play dates to gel over this holiday, so I don't have a third party to contact and rearrange. For myself, I'll make sure the camera is charged and try to take some photos that interest me. I'll bring along a book to read at the gym while I work out. I'll work with my daughter to plan a dinner that we can enjoy as a family. I'll tickle James and work on some flash cards with him. I'll get time to talk with my husband. I'll take deep breaths, as I flex again to go with the flow.

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