Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another New Year's Beach

Today we jumped in the car and visited our friends who were staying the weekend up in Stinson Beach. It was such a gorgeous day that we made a short trek from the rental house to the beach. The skies were clear, the air warm, and the wind was practically non-existent. Very unusual for January 1.

Both kids ran about on the beach, splashing in the low waves, digging and throwing sand, and bringing in rocky treasures (James' big sister) or worries about the dogs on the beach (James). We hauled them in just before sunset. Good thing too. I'd forgotten how quickly the sun goes down in winter, and the cold starts back in just before the light goes.

It's been about a year since this group had seen James. His new height and verbal social activities did not go unnoticed. It was good to get caught up and be social myself. I'm getting rusty at that.

James went from asking to play Angry Birds to demanding to go home to refusing to leave. After dinner, you see, Big Sister started a treasure hunt game, and James and the other young child were totally caught up in it.

The winding roads were a bit much for him in the dark, but I took it slowly, admiring the moon, sea, and stars from the corners of my eyes. He was asleep before we got home. I loaded him into bed, only pausing to remove his rain boots and tuck the blankets around him.

Happy New Year, Baby -- I love you, Mom.

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